Get Baked

Art direction, illustration, art installation, packaging

“Can you wrap an entire church in artwork?”

That was the design brief set by unconventional fast-food giants Get Baked in the Winter of 2015.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, we accepted, and set about creating an immeasurable, mind-melting mural of 90s iconography, grunge icons, comedy slogans all mixed up with some culinary tidbits.

To accompany the artwork we worked alongside the interior designers and architects on the rest of the fit out, including furniture, lighting and signage.

The mural took us a week solid to complete, and is accompanied by feature artworks including a lenticular panel, a light-box cluster, and UV-paint splattered corridor. Sounds crazy, looks crazier!

Once down from the scaffolding and thawed out, we set about developing the look into packaging, a social campaign, and website development.

With imagery this overwhelming, the buzz surrounding the opening of Leeds’ newest eatery was huge, and hasn’t died down yet.